Blockchain Based Slots Games and Sports Book Design are a blockchain based decentralised online betting, gaming and sports book business built on VechainThor with operational bases situated all over the world!

We worked closely with the team to develop a framework template for their slots games so that their users could easily design and implement their own games on their platform with very little technical knowledge. As part of a phase two development plan we also worked with Decent.BET to design their sportsbook betting platform which will be launching in 2019.

Blockchain -based slots game designs

In addition to encouraging users to create their own games and designs also asked us to design and create some of their own ‘in house’ online slot machines and digital gaming platforms.

Our team created the themes and assets for a number of games, provided the animation and code which was then handed over to the Decent.BET team and uploaded to their live mainnet.

Check out the slots games in action below

Featuring a slots game demo video with 3D motion graphics created by ourselves to showcase the Decent.BET slots game pre-mainnet launch.

Sports Book interface design & development:

A key requirement during our time working with Decent.BET was to design the UI and UX for their blockchain-based sportsbook. It was very important that the sportsbook covered important fundamentals and be able to display the latest information at all times, while offering an enjoyable and easy user experience for placing bets.

Following our market research, workshops and brainstorming sessions we arrived at what we feel is arguably the cleanest and intuitive sportsbook designs currently on the market. The interface is familiar enough not to alienate the hardcore sports betting fans yet intuitive enough to be used by newcomers to the sports betting world.

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