Rebrand, Website Design & Crypto Wallet Design are a blockchain based decentralised online betting, gaming and sports book business built on VechainThor with operational bases situated all over the world!

We worked with Decent.BET and became an integral part of their design team, helping them to craft their identity. We provided a complete rebrand, website design/development , wallet design and produced artwork for marketing campaigns across their social channels.

Full Rebrand and brand guideline development

The problem: Following a series of brainstorming workshops with the Decent.BET team it had become clear that whilst their brand was 80% where they wanted it to be it was not quite hitting the mark for the team.

The Solution: Over a 2 month period we worked closely with Decent.BET to help inject a new lease of life into their brand. We worked on a revised logo, updated colour palette, brand guidelines and also a new signature isometric graphic style which was applied across both web and print resulting in a significant uplift in website visitors and heavily reduced bounce rate.

Website design & SVG animation

The new Decent.BET has a stronger architecture and visual appeal, which create a much smoother and enjoyable user experience. We took some of the key graphical elements from our whitepapr design and used them to implemented a series of animated SVG images throughout the website.  This helped to create an immersive environment for the user whilst staying perfectly on brand.

Decent.BET Crypto wallet design

A key part of Decent.BET’s platform was their wallet, our aim was to create a wallet both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. We felt many of the wallets in the crypto world are a little too gimmicky and thus create a difficult user experience for less tech-savvy users. We created what we believe is an extremely intuitive yet simple-to-use crypto wallet – the wallet has been very well received by the Decent.BET community.

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