Monumental Stories In Miniature

The Royal Mint

We were tasked by The Royal Mint to design a series of highly detailed 3D visuals for a brand new coin set for 2019 called Monumental Stories in Miniature.

The brief provided by The Royal Mint was to bring their coins to life! To create a fully immersive 2D and 3D campaign to win the hearts and minds of public and coin collectors alike.

It is the first time a full digital rendering of a coin set for direct PR & Marketing purposes had been done as a collaboration with an outside agency.

Given the topic of Monumental Stories in Miniature, there was a clear and definite requirement for complete historical accuracy of the elements / models used to ensure the entire project was authentic and accurate; particularly with the D-Day 1944 and Wedgewood 1759 pieces.

Project process breakdown video

A short video detailing the creative processes that we went through to create our miniature 3D worlds. The project took several months to complete and everything from the blades of grass right the way through to the military vehicles within the scenes had to be painstakingly modelled in 3D, ensuring the final scenes were historically accurate (where required).

Research and 3D model development

We were provided with sketched drawings, source photography and historical information related to the ‘scenes’ required to bring each coin to life. Given the clear guidance in the brief that historical accuracy was of vital importance for the D-Day 1944 and the Wedgewood 1759 artwork, we worked very closely with The Imperial War Museum and Wedgewood themselves to ensure we had independent third-party specialists verify every minute detail of the artwork and video content.

Monumental Stories in Miniature sketches

Overall Campaign Success

The key visual designs were applied across a broad scale integrated marketing campaign which proved to be extremely successful. The campaign was activated across all of the Royal Mint’s online and offline channels.


Royal Mint World Money Fair 2019

“We were delighted with the way 15000v interpreted the brief and made the coins in our 2019 Annual Sets come to life. Taking the elements we outlined, they were able to model 3-D worlds featuring action and drama beyond our imaginings. They set the bloody trail of a fleeing murderer for the coin commemorating Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan-Doyle, modelled plague carrying rats that spilled over the edge of the coin-world of Samuel Pepys and connected the cogs and gears that powered the inventions of the era of Queen Victoria. The complete set of five imagined worlds work brilliantly together due to the consistency in style and execution. The detail and accuracy of the miniature worlds created by 15000v delighted our customers, generating praise and excitement wherever they were seen.”


David Park

Head Of Design, The Royal Mint

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