3D Key Visual Stills

& Motion Graphics


As long standing Vechain supporters we decided to put together a conceptual piece for the Vechain Summit 2019. Our concept was based around the saying “From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks”. We feel this adage is a great representation of how Vechain has grown and where it’s headed. The design was initially sketched out roughly and then passed over to our 3D artist to render it out as per our creative directors initial vision.

3D Environment Lighting Test

We created a short video which pans around the 3D environment that we built for our key visual. This was created purely for 3D lighting testing purposes but may be expanded on at a later date and developed as a promotional video.

3D Process And Development Gallery

Below you will find a gallery of snapshots showing our 3D process from low poly concept renders through to the final scene.

VeChain 4K Wallpaper Download

#VEFAM – We hope you enjoy the first in our series of VeChain themed artworks. It would help us a LOT if you could take a pic of the wallpaper on your desktop and put a tweet/post out.

Making these images takes a lot of time for us and costs a fair bit in 3D modelling costs so please help us out and show support and we will keep delivering the goods.


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