Branding, Website Development

& Animation

For the past two years we have been working with Happy Beds, starting with a full rebrand and website to truly bring them to the forefront of the digital retailer space.

Customer experience has always been at the core of the Happy Beds project, with the website’s design and useability built to create a smooth customer experience, to increase sales and satisfaction.

Character design and SVG animation

For use in several of the Happy Beds high-profile marketing campaigns, we were asked to create sub-branding for their family customer base.

Our design and animation team created up a series of characters unique to Happy Beds, and crafted animated graphics for use on their social media channels as well as their website.

Due to the creative freedom granted by Happy Beds, we have been able to develop two truly unique and industry-first digital tools for their customers:

The Bespoke Bed Builder

An immersive configurator offering 400,000 unique combinations in a fully visualised bed builder: the Bespoke Bed Builder is truly an industry first and offers a completely new and exciting experience for customers shopping online.

Watch the demo video below or try it out yourself  here


Mattress Firmness Calculator

Another industry first concept, born from the need for Happy Beds to allow their digital customers a similar experience to those going into a shop and trying out the mattress first-hand. The Mattress Firmness Calculator allows users to personalise their mattress firmness with a variety of parameters, which has resulted in overall more positive customer experience, fewer complaints and increased sales.

Watch the demo video below or try it out yourself  here


Alongside these innovative tools, we have also worked alongside Happy Beds on their brand from a creative design perspective. From working on large-scale campaign artwork, website banners, character design and custom SVG animation across web pages.

We have no doubt that this blend of creative and technological work played a huge part in helping Happy Beds reach the Ecommerce Awards Finals in 2018.

Complete Rebrand and Website Design

We worked closely with Happy Beds on their rebrand and website redesign process, we ensured that their brand values were carried through into the design combining beautiful aesthetics with a functional framework that is very easy to navigate and shop.

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